Press conference Nov. 28, 2017

Press conference

Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award
and jubilee concert

Press conference
Dienstag, November 18, 2017, 2:00 pm
University of Music and Performing Arts Munich

Arcisstraße 12, 80333 Munich
Room A 212


You will meet the following participants:

  • Abba Naor, Vizepräsident des Comitée International de Dachau
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Redmann, President of the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich
  • Mark Mast, Intendant and Chief Conductor Bavarian Philharmonic
  • Martin Schleske, Master Violinmaker & Diploma Physicist-Ing. FH
  • Karla Schönebeck, project initiator
  • Wolfgang Hauck, project manager

Please let us know if you can attend the press conference.

28-11-2017 Presseconference invitation and information German | Download

28-11-2017 Presseconference invitation German | Print

28-11-2017 Press informations German

28-11-2017 Press image Portrait Wolf Durmashkin

28-11-2017 Press image Concert Leonard Bernstein 1948

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