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Munich University of Music and Thetare (HMTM)

The University of Music and Performing Theatre (HMTM) is one of the most diverse educational institutions for music, dance and theater professions in Europe. Around 1,300 young people from over 60 nations study one of more than 100 different degree programs at five locations in the cultural metropolis of Munich.

The range of courses extends from orchestral and keyboard instruments, historical performance practice, jazz, composition and folk music to cultural journalism and cultural management. Around 500 lecturers – many of whom are internationally renowned – and numerous alumni in top artistic positions ensure that the university has a global appeal.

The Munich University of Music and Thetare explicitly promotes and supports cultural remembrance work and sees it as part of its educational mission. The Ben Haim Research Center at the HMTM, headed by Dr. Tobias Reichard, plays a particularly important role in this and combines musicological research with musical practice in connection with Jewish music, persecuted musicians and National Socialism. 

The research focus “Music and Dictatorship”, represented by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Geiger at HMTM’s Institute of Musicology, also creates central impulses for a critical examination of the historical, social and political dimensions of artistic activity.

Through networking and collaborations, discussion events, conferences and concerts, performances and productions, HMTM makes this remembrance work visible and creates connections in society.