Frequently Asked Questions

Cast and instruments

Q: I have a question about the instrumentation, the composition must be with vocal or it’s possible only instruments?
And in case if it’s possible without vocal, how could I relate the composition to one of the competition’s subjects?

A: You can compose your compositions with up to five musicians. It can only be instruments. It is up to you how to express the connection to the subject. It will and should be a musical answer and no illustration.

Q: I would like to ask about the instrumentation mentioned in the rules of competition: Is the singer included in the group of five musicians? Or are participants allowed to use all of the mentioned instruments (in total 10 musicians and singer)?

A: There can only be a total of five musicians, even if a singer or singer is involved.

The reason for the reduced cast is that this small cast reflects the possibilities in the camps and the instrumentation.



A: I wanted to ask about the competition – it says on the site that there are texts we can use – I cant find them.

Q: Please register at the website to see the locked pages with more material for the participants.

Q: Can I use any text that i want, related to subject of competition?

A: Yes, we offer just material for your inspirations.

Q: I would like to participate in the WDC-Award. What do I have to do to get the poems, songs and lyrics made available?

A: Please register as a participant on the website. Then the pages are freed with materal, and songs.

Any question?

Please let us know!