Winner of the Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award

Munich, February 19, 2018

There is hardly a more symbolic place for the meeting of the jury than today’s University of Music and Performing Arts Munich in the former “Führerbau” on Arcisstraße.

For the first time, a composition prize was awarded to a Jewish composer who was the victim of National Socialist terror and Holocaust in 1944: Wolf Durmashkin

In an anonymous process, the winning compositions were determined by the seven-member jury:

The four specialist judges for the field of music and composition, Prof. dr. Bernd Redmann (HMTM), Prof. Jan Müller-Wieland (HMTM), Prof. Tilman Jäger (HMTM), Mark Mast (Bavarian Philharmonic), and the three non-cash judge Sonia Beker (members of the Durmashkin family and specially from the USA), Martin Schleske (violin maker from Landsberg), Jennifer Czorny (young people of the youth work group concentration camp camp camp VII), were – after all, touched by the unique and sensitive handling of the subject of the competition – quickly agreed.

The first prize was awarded to the composer, Bracha Bdil, from Israel, who has been working on this topic for years.

The jury was all the more aware after the removal of the anonymization to have made a symbolic decision that corresponds to the spirit of the competition.

The winners of the first Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award are:
1 price: BRACHA BDIL
Residence / Country: Jerusalem / Israel, born 1988

Residence / Country: York, England, born in 1991

3 price: OTTO WANKE
Residence / Country:Vienna / Austria, born in 1989

The award ceremony will take place on May 9, 2018 in Landsberg am Lech.

The premiere of the three works will take place on 10 May 2018 also in Landsberg am Lech in the presence of the descendants of the namesake Wolf Durmashkin and other guests of honor and contemporary witnesses.

Foto: Conny Kurz

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