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Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award 2024

Take part in the second Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award 2024 ! Help us to preserve the memory of the victims of the Holocaust and bring to life the importance of music in the culture of remembrance and commemoration.


Invitation to tender en/en

Participation form

The competition

Organizer of the competition

In Memoriam

Prof. Alexander Tamir
Composer and survivor of the Holocaust

Expert advice

Prof. Jan Müller-Wieland
Prof. Jakob Gruchmann


Composers of all nationalities up to the age of 35 (deadline: August 30, 2024) can take part in the public competition.

Conditions of participation

The following guidelines for instrumentation and scoring have emerged from the complex and exciting historical lines of development – independent of creative and stylistic freedom.

Specifications for the compositions and instrumentation

Exclusively works for accordion, viola and percussion (one player).

Text material

The historical and biographical material is used to create poems, songs or texts for the
made available. These texts and the last sketch by Wolf Durmashkin can be read as
be used as a source of inspiration.

Further conditions

Only one composition per participant can be submitted.
– The playing time can be max. 12 minutes.
– The works submitted must be composed for this competition and may not
published in any form (performance, online, video or recordings) or
have been awarded a prize.
– As an introduction to the occasion and the historical background, a detailed
Presentation and documentation on music and musicians in the Vilnius ghetto, Wolf
Durmashkin is available.


The prize is awarded in three stages regardless of the category:

1st prize € 3,000
2nd prize 2,000 €
3rd prize 1,500 €

The jury is authorized to change the total amount by unanimous decision.
Payment will be made after the award ceremony by bank transfer to the bank account specified by the
The account details of the prizewinners are given below.

Jury and jury panel

– The jury is made up of five judges.
– The jury meets in closed session.
– Each jury member has one vote.

Members of the jury

  • Prof. Dr. Dorothea Hofmann (HMTM)
  • Prof. Jakob Gruchmann (GMPU)
  • Mark Mast (Bavarian Philharmonic Orchestra)
  • Prof. Jan Müller-Wieland (HMTM)
  • Dr. Charlotte Seither (Berlin, GEMA and others)

Preliminary examination and selection procedure

The judges will first make a pre-selection of the entries submitted.
Works to be presented to the jury for final selection.
The above-mentioned jury will select the winners from these entries
of the “Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award 2024” (WDCA).

Submission of compositions and application

The scores must be sent anonymously in electronic form as a PDF (printable for a maximum size of A3) with a five-digit password (code) of your choice.
By e-mail to:
The works should be created as digitally as possible. In the case of manuscripts, legibility
pay attention. The works and all documents must be in either German or English.

be written.

The scores must not contain any references or metadata to the name or origin of the

composers are included.

Enclosed in the e-mail is the participation form with the following content and further documents:
  1. First name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address
  2. Address of the composer
  3. Portrait photo
  4. Copy of identity card/passport
  5. Artistic curriculum vitae
  6. Catalog raisonné
  7. Declaration of authorship of the submitted work and declaration of consent to the performance and its recording.
  8. Five-digit code number
To the forms:

Closing date

Deadline for entries is August 30, 2024!

Announcement of the award winners

The winners will be announced on the website of the “dieKunstBauStelle” association
e.V.” and the universities following the jury meeting, which is expected to take place in September.
2024 is planned, as well as by e-mail notification to the participants.

World premiere and award ceremony

The award ceremony and premiere of the prize-winning works will take place
on Saturday, November 9, 2024 in Munich.

Further conditions of participation

By submitting his/her work, the participant accepts the above and following conditions of participation.
The names of the entrants will remain secret. Only the names of the award winners may be published after the jury has made its decision.
Legal action to enforce claims in connection with this competition – even if it is not held or the prize-winning works are not performed – is excluded.
The complete exploitation rights within the framework of the “Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award (WDCA )” go to the association dieKunstBauStelle e.V..
At the time of submission, the submitted works may neither be accepted for a world premiere nor publicly performed.
have been performed, awarded a prize or published.
The prizewinners expressly agree that the scores and individual parts will be made available to the registered ensembles after the closing date of the above-mentioned competition until October 10, 2024. The making of copies is expressly permitted.
With their signature, participants accept the terms and conditions of the
Invitation to tender.
Status June 21, 2024